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Create an artificial cellular life form and watch it ooze into life with your favourite music
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22 July 2002

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Would you like to try and create an artificial cellular life form that would be absolutely unique and gloriously beautiful? You can try your luck and creativity skills with Groovy Lava, a tool that lets you make your own screensaver.
Groovy Lava is a tool that lets you define an cellular life form based on the chaos machine built in the program. You adjust the numerous parameters and settings for your artificial lifeform-to-be and the program picks a random point on the screen to apply your settings to and gives life to it. With the surrounding cells the screen may be an area of fire, lava or water that follow the basic sequence of birth, life and death. The psychedelic colors and engaging process of a new life form living on the screen make this tool a perfect screensaver.
There's also a possibility to skip the process of setting up rules for the new life form - generate a random 'lava being'. What's more, you can watch Groovy Lava with your favorite music playing in the background. Try this tool today and check it out yourself.

Publisher's description

Groovy Lava is a new Winamp visualization plug-in created by NetPlay Software. The plug-in allows you to define an artificial cellular life form that will ooze into life with your favourite music or as your very own screen saver. Groovy Lava is based on chaos in which there are no well-defined mathematical formulas, only action and re-action, driven by a random process using the basic rules of life and death. At the heart of Groovy Lava is the chaos engine, which randomly selects a cell position and applies your life form rules. It is this random selection, along with the influence of the surrounding cells, that allows Groovy Lava to simulate many natural phenomena such as auroras, turbulent water flow, and fire. As the 'lava master', you can set the rules for the chaos engine, allowing it to create weird and wonderful images of beauty and chaos. It is also possible for the software to generate random life forms in time with your music, creating a unique trip into the world of cellular automation. There is no doubt that there are still many amazing life forms yet to be discovered, maybe you will be the first to discover a whole new way of life ?
Groovy Lava
Groovy Lava
Version 1.80
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